Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zen Meditation

"Recommended For Men and Women Who Appreciate Health, Happiness and Inner-Peace - and Who Want More of It"
Scientific research has identified specific brainwave frequencies associated with different states of being. When you're all revved up, so are your brainwave frequencies - they're in beta. When you're asleep those same frequencies slow way, way down - into delta. These frequencies have been identified for everything from being under the influence of drugs to operating at optimal productivity where you just get things done. This is science.
We are able to guide the brain into any frequency by playing a beat frequency for the brain that it understands. Have you ever heard of "trance music" - same sort of effect. Just as you can listen to certain songs and feel a shift in your emotional state, so to you can with a more powerful technology - binaural beats.
You must understand, however, these frequencies are not audible to the human ear. Therefore we need a binaural experience - we must listen in stereo, with headphones.
One audible sound frequency is played in one ear and another audible sound frequency is played in the other. It might surprise you but that helicopter sound you hear isn't our recording - it's your brain creating the sound you hear (I know - pretty crazy, huh?!) But if you try only listening through one earphone you'll see that the chopping sound goes away and you only hear a straight tone, or tones.
Your brain is an amazing creation and it registers the difference between the two frequencies, filling in the inaudible difference.

The landmark research for our technology was first presented in a 1973 issue of Scientific American by a biophysicist named Dr. Gerald Oster, M.D.
Dr. Oster found that when different sound frequencies are delivered to the brain through each ear separately, your brain can be trained to go into specific states such relaxation and visualization, peak concentration, meditation that enhances memory and learning ability, and restorative sleep and healing.
An additional study, conducted at Duke University Medical Center and reported in the journal Physiology & Behavior, found that presenting binaural auditory beats could also enhance your hand-eye coordination, body control, and mood.

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